Today’s words that sell are SINCERITY

Being sincere means being honest and genuine. It’s more of a feeling or a tone of voice rather than the use of the word sincere.

Why sincerity?

Mastering sincerity in your marketing and customer interactions will give you the ability to attract your ideal customers like ducks to water. Sincerity can also be an easy way to differentiate your business from your competitors.

In practical terms sincerity means:

  • Sharing your values as a service provider
  • Talking about what you and your team love about the work you do
  • Being honest about potential delays in delivery times and sincerely apologising when mistakes have been made
  • Sharing stories about the way your product or service helps your customers
  • Being open about the reasons some of your product options may not be the best fit for a customer
  • Showing you are real and human – not a faceless organisation

When you are honest and genuine in your sales and marketing interactions, your sincerity shines through. As a consequence, potential customers will trust you faster and with greater depth because they believe in you.

That’s why sincerity is such a powerful Word that Sells.


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