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About us

You can tell when marketing content is written without an in-depth understanding or belief in the client.

It seems bland, unconvincing and doesn’t reflect the true identity of the organisation. We don’t think you should settle for that!

Who we are

We’re a team of highly trained and experienced Australian copywriters who want to help you grow by communicating with your ideal customers and supporters. We help small and medium sized businesses across Australia and many not-for-profit organisations.

Originally operating out of Sydney, Karen our Creative Director, now works in Adelaide’s CBD while the team work from virtual offices nationally. Our clients are also located across Australia and some have operations overseas.

Our Purpose

  • To support Australian SMEs, charities and not-for-profit organisations by Writing Words that Sell so they can compete head-to-head with bigger organisations
  • To be sincere in our enthusiasm for what you do
  • To love your business as much as you do because that makes us try even harder to write marketing content that works
  • To deliver what our name promises – so when you trust us with your content, you can consider it done!


When our Creative Director and founder, Karen Anderson, was working in cinema advertising sales, she met many excellent business people with thriving businesses. But none of these business owners had time to think about what made their business better or different to their competitors.

Using her marketing knowledge, she was able to provide them with insights on why their customers loved them. Then she’d write cinema ads to help them attract more new customers.

Those ads worked, her clients’ businesses grew and they began hiring more staff. It was tremendously rewarding and Karen wanted to do more. But didn’t know how … until Australian businesses began embracing websites and social media platforms.

It was 2008 when Karen realised she had the knowledge and experience to help small and medium sized businesses as well as charities and not-for-profit organisations. By combining her marketing, sales and copywriting skills she had a unique set of expertise to write marketing collateral that works. And she could pass this knowledge on to others.

Now Consider It Done Australia is a team of Australian copywriters who are experienced marketers or salespeople. We also offer training programs and internships for the next generation of copywriters.

We’ll become raving
fans of your business

What makes us different?

The copywriters at Consider It Done Australia believe the best marketing collateral is written with sincere enthusiasm for our clients. So we take the time to become experts in your organisation and your industry.

To do this we take a big picture approach to make sure we:

  • Understand your organisation – your challenges, your successes and your goals
  • Examine how your ideal clients make buying decisions, why they choose you and the information they need before making a decision
  • Investigate your competitors – who they are and what they are saying
  • Identify the things you do that makes your organisation distinctive
  • Showcase the unique personality of your organisation
  • Provide reasons for new clients and supporters to choose you

You’ll also discover we take a collaborative approach so you’ll find we’ll:

  • Brainstorm ideas
  • Offer suggestions
  • Provide a fresh perspective
  • Support your marketing activities
  • Help you improve the return on your marketing investment
  • Effortlessly blend in with your marketing team (if you have one)

10 Great reasons to choose us

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