Can customer newsletters grow your business?

This blog was written by one of our clients, Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service. They are a group of electricians located in Sydney and we’ve been writing their newsletters since June 2016.

  • For background, their newsletter topics focus around:
  • Safety tips
  • Reducing power bills
  • The latest products to make life easier
  • Lighting ideas

You can find some of their past newsletters here.

I asked Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service about their reasons for sending customer newsletters. Below are the questions and their responses.

To be honest, even though I knew their newsletters were working for them, I was blown away by the results they have achieved. But to put it into context, they are fantastic electricians who I have engaged many times. They work hard and deserve their success.

Here is our Q&A

1. Why did you decide to do your first customer newsletter?

As we have no other form of advertising I wanted to do something more centred on customer retention rather than customer growth. A large portion of our business is repeat business and I wanted to utilise the asset I already had.

2. Originally, it was only going to be a quarterly newsletter but it quickly became monthly. Why did you decide to send a newsletter more frequently?

The response from the first newsletter was much better than I expected. I realised people weren’t upset with receiving the newsletters as they found them informative and interesting.

3. How does your newsletter help your business?

Receiving the monthly newsletter often reminds customers that they were thinking of getting work done. It prompts them to actually book in.

It can also let customers know about what we can do that they may not have realised.

It keeps customers up-to-date with new products that they may be interested in too.

4. Do you ever receive customer feedback on the information contained in your newsletter?

All the time. At least once a week, I have a client comment on the newsletters they receive and we also get clients emailing responses with additional information about a topic we have posted.

5. When you first began your newsletter, there was Matt and 1 employee. How big are you now?

We now have 9 staff in total with 5 vans on the road.

6. Do you think your newsletter has helped business growth?

Absolutely. Each year when we sit down and look at budgets and cost saving options, the newsletter is as important to our business as paying super and buying materials. The constant comments and feedback from clients about the newsletter reinforces that we are staying forefront in their minds.

Thank you Matt and Pat

If you live or work in the Sydney metro area, here are 5 reasons why you should engage the Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service team:

  1. When they come out to quote, they can often do the work at the same time. That’s really convenient.
  2. It’s not always easy to retrofit electricals into an existing home or office. But they are great problem solvers and take pains to ensure installations look good and work well.
  3. They never leave a mess. Never!
  4. They are lovely to have around your home. They value family and they are quiet, polite and great with pets and kids.
  5. Their rates are very reasonable and they only use top quality materials to ensure customer safety.

Final words …

If you need great electricians, contact Ku-ring-gai Electrical Service on 0418 442 578 or email

If you’d like to explore whether a customer newsletter could help your business, get in touch with me because we really, really do Write Words that Sell.

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