Copywriting services for

Small & Medium Sized Businesses

We work with business owners, in-house marketing managers & outsourced marketing consultants.

Our primary aim is to produce a great return on your copywriting investment by Writing Words that Sell. Our focus on generating sales is a unique approach to writing marketing content and is founded on our core belief that our copywriters should consider themselves part of your sales team. After all, your website, online and social media content is often the first contact potential new customers have with your business.

We Write Words that Sell to help your business grow

Great marketing content should speak to your ideal customers – not just your target market. So when we talk to you about your business, we’ll ask you to describe your favourite customers and why they are a pleasure to deal with.
That helps us tap into their attitudes and the problems you solve for them. From there, We Write Words that Sell to speak to future customers who share the same appreciation for what you do.

In other words, when we write for your business, we write with one goal in mind – to generate enquiries that convert into your ideal customers and repeat sales.

This approach will also help you compete head-to-head with your larger competitors because your online marketing content will be communicating with people who will love what you do.

But there’s another reason why we are unique. Consider It Done Australia was founded on the belief that if you succeed, we succeed. As a result, we work hard to ensure We Write Words that Sell to help your business grow.

In fact, most of our clients have been trusting us to write their blogs, website content and other marketing materials for years. We even have many of our foundation clients still with us. That’s something we are extremely proud of and will never take for granted.

Providing more than copywriting services

Our small and medium sized clients come in all sizes from sole traders to national brands who are competing with much larger (and often international) companies. They might be doing the sales and marketing themselves or have engaged in-house or outsourced marketing specialists to assist them. But one thing they all have in common is their understanding of the importance of having high-quality and unique online marketing content.

And that’s why
they trust us

In addition to copywriting services, working with Consider It Done Australia means you will receive fresh ideas, collaboration and expertise on how to communicate your carefully planned marketing strategy to your ideal customers.

As professional marketers who specialise in copywriting, we’ll take the time to:

  • Get to know your business
  • Understand your ideal clients
  • Investigate your competitors and what they are saying
  • Identify what makes you unique
  • Appreciate why your ideal customers choose you

Can we help your business achieve a competitive edge?

Finding great copywriters who understand your business and will deliver results can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. So congratulations on finding us. We are a team of copywriters with the ability and enthusiasm to help you achieve a competitive edge to grow your business!

Give us a call to investigate if our copywriters are as good as we say.

We’re convinced you’ll feel confident in our skills within the first few minutes of the call.

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