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Some of our favourite work helps other organisations improve people’s lives.

Since 2008, Consider It Done Australia has been delivering outstanding copywriting services for charities, NGOs and not-for-profit organisations. With our help, their marketing and fundraising materials have increased supporter engagement and achieved record fundraising results. In fact, we’re one of Australia’s most experienced providers of copywriting services for charities, NGOs and not-for-profit organisations.

“It’s an honour to be asked to assist you”

Every client is important to us but your work can positively change lives. That’s exciting and we are always honoured to be of service to our charity, not-for-profit and NGO clients.

We take a very pragmatic and commercial approach because that’s the way large and corporate sponsors work. But we do it with empathy and emotion so your supporters can really connect with the important work you do.

Our achievements
to date

While you are positively changing people’s lives, we have helped our charity, NGO & not-for-profit clients by:

  • Writing record breaking fundraising appeal materials for several organisations.
  • Changing supporter newsletters from communication tools to major income generating resources.
  • Communicating significant policy changes in a positive way with minimal end-user concerns.
  • Writing service brochures, media releases and other promotional materials that have generated results.
  • Writing sponsorship survey campaigns designed to align organisational plans with supporter expectations. These have generated outstanding buy-in and completion rates.
  • Writing winning tender submissions which have obtained Government contracts.

A distinctive approach to meet your particular content needs

The results achieved for our charity, NGO and not-for-profit clients come from our ability to:

  • Write memorable, emotive case studies and user stories
  • Anticipate the questions and objections potential supporters will have so they can be included in the content
  • Present policy changes in a positive, open and supportive manner
  • Write commercially but with the subtlety required for this sector
  • Explain services in a sympathetic but respectful way
  • Appeal to referral agencies, carers and clients in equal parts with highly targeted messaging for each group

As you know, there is a lot of competition for people’s time, attention and money. Yet the work of your organisation is so important.

If your marketing content isn’t attaining the results you need or your existing team are stretched to capacity, have a chat with us. You’ll find we are knowledgeable, experienced and capable of working collaboratively with your team. We’re also happy to interview your supporters or clients to obtain information to write case studies and articles on the work you do.

For compassionate, emotive copywriting that generates results, get in touch with us.

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