Edit & Review services for your marketing content

Fine-tune your content with help from professional copywriters.

Our Edit and Review service is popular with marketing managers who want to keep control of their content but would like some expert assistance. It’s also popular for business owners on a tight budget.

Designed to fit your needs

Our Edit and Review services are designed to fit your needs and budget. Depending on your requirements, you can ask for your material to be:

  • Edited by one of our highly qualified editors for accuracy and grammar OR
  • Reviewed by one of our experienced copywriters to add marketing finesse and Words that Sell

Clients use our Edit and Review service for:

  • Refining their website content and improving search engine optimisation
  • Enhancing the content of their blogs, brochures or case studies
  • Proof-reading important documents such as their capability statements or expression of interest documentation

We offer 2 Edit and Review service packages because everyone is different

With our Edit and Review service, you choose. Either:

  • Give us your budget and we’ll work to it OR
  • We’ll examine your pre-written content and provide you with an estimate before we begin

Our qualified editors usually work on a per word rate while our experienced copywriters work on an hourly basis (pro rata). It’s important to note that once we give you an Edit and Review service estimate, we’ll never exceed that amount as long as the project scope remains the same. In fact, if our copywriters can complete the review faster than our estimate, you’ll only pay for the time required.

Who chooses our Edit and Review services?

Our Edit and Review services are ideal for:

  • Marketing managers who need a fresh set of eyes to review their marketing collateral
  • Business owners and marketers who have written their own website content and would like it reviewed by an online copywriting specialist
  • Important documents when accuracy is critical e.g. annual reports, tender submissions
  • Business owners with English as a second language
  • Organisations with tight marketing budgets


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