Freelance copywriting services for

Marketing, Web & Graphic Design Agencies

Hello Agencies. We are here to help.

We’re here for you and your customers, providing a stress-free way to obtain great content.

As a specialist copywriting agency, we can provide freelance copywriting services for your customers either under your umbrella or by working directly with them. Importantly for you, we only write content. That’s it! So you can feel confident we won’t poach your customers or compete with you on the services you provide. If you already have in-house writers, that’s cool. Think of us as your copywriting backup team when things get a bit frantic in-house.

Never run out of high quality copywriting capacity!

Getting new customers onboard is great news … but then you need to supply high quality copywriting and that can be the not-so-fun part. With Consider It Done Australia, we can provide the content writing services your customers need – all written by our team of highly trained and experienced copywriters.

We’re all located in Australia but you only deal with Karen, our Creative Director. You’ll find her really easy to work with and dedicated to helping you communicate your customers’ messages.

Flexible options to suit you, your customers and the project

You’ll find we are very flexible in the way we can work with you and many agencies mix it up depending on their customer and the project requirements.

  • Some agencies choose to brief us themselves and ask us to work directly with them
  • Some agencies ask us to work directly with their customers, to ensure deadlines are met and the content is approved before they receive it
  • Some agencies like us to interview their customers to obtain the content brief but act like we are part of their team

We don’t mind how you to choose to use our services as our goals are to:

  • Make your customers happy and
  • Make you look like a star

How can we help

We are best known for:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog content writing services
  • Writing social media posts

But our agency clients have asked us to work on all sorts of interesting projects such as:

  • Video scripts
  • Brochures
  • Media releases

Discover more about the copywriting services we provide.

We understand it’s a big step

Placing your trust in another supplier is a big step. We get that. So we suggest you give Karen a call to find out what she is like and whether she can help you and your customers by providing freelance copywriting services.
But before you pick up the phone remember, our name is our promise so when you trust us with your customers, you don’t need to worry. You should Consider It Done.

Receive fixed prices for the
next 12 months

To assist you, we offer fixed price copywriting services for 12 months so you can quote your customers with ease. We’ll also collaborate with you and share ideas if you need a bit of marketing communication inspiration for a customer.

Looking for a stress-free way to obtain great copywriting services for your customers?

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