Specialist Copywriting services for

Tech Industries, Engineers & Manufacturers

We provide heavy duty copywriting services for technical industries, engineers and manufacturers.

Let’s be brutally honest! We aren’t engineers and we don’t have any qualifications in technology, production, heavy industry or trades. But we are great at asking questions and understanding concepts. As a result, we can Write Words that Sell for your technical, engineering or manufacturing business. Just put us to the test.

How do we know what to say about
your business?

If you are selling to large organisations, you know there will be many people involved in making the purchase decision and they usually have a broad range of expertise. Some will have strong technical knowledge but there may also be procurement officers, the GM, Accountant and an array of experts and levels of management.

That’s why we can write for your business.

By asking you lots of questions, our copywriters will be able to write about the benefits of your product or service that the non-technical decision makers will understand. Then we add some of the key technical specifications to your marketing content to ensure you get enquiries that relate to the products or services you provide.

We won’t be your best choice if you need highly technical information written for industry experts. But if you need marketing content that appeals to multiple decision makers within your target market, you can count on the skills of our copywriters.

How can we help you?

When it comes to writing marketing materials for engineers, manufacturers and technical industries, our most popular copywriting services are:

Writing media and press releases for specialty magazines

In fact, we have a 93% success rate (on average) for getting clients’ media and press releases published. That’s because we can explain complex concepts in simple terms with a business focus and editors love it!

Writing case studies to showcase your work

Depending on your industry, case studies can be useful to demonstrate how your team has solve problems or the benefits your products provide to customers. If confidentiality is important, don’t worry. We can write in general terms and still showcase your work.

Writing newsletters to keep in touch with your database

Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with existing customers and share your latest products or projects. They are also a great way to keep in touch with potential and past customers as well as suppliers. Our clients enjoy amazing newsletter open and click rates that attract attention in busy inboxes.

Visit our Services pages to read more about the copywriting services we provide.

We think what you do is exciting

If you have tried working with a copywriter in the past, you might have seen their eyes glaze over while you explain your product or service.

We promise we won’t do that. And there’s a reason why.

We’re genuinely interested in what you do. In fact Karen, our Creative Director, will be fascinated. Her family is full of engineers and she loves to learn how things work.

Promoting your technical, engineering or manufacturing business can be challenging

Finding ways to promote your technical, engineering or manufacturing business can be challenging. But it’s possible when you find a team of copywriters who are genuinely interested in what you do.

We’d love the opportunity to help your business grow.

Let’s have a chat to explore what’s possible.

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