3 Credibility killers you need to avoid

Whether it’s trying a new café or finding a new supplier for your business, most sales begin with an online search. But there are 3 credibility killers that are often missed by business owners and while potential clients may not consciously notice them, they will jeopardise your next sale.

What are they? Read on to find out.

Credibility Killer #1 – Your business name

Within an organisation, staff will often abbreviate the business name – especially if it’s a long one like Consider It Done Australia. Trouble is, that abbreviation begins to seep into your external communications, like your website, quotes, emails and social media posts.

You’ll be surprised how often I ask new clients to clarify what their business name really is because I see so many versions of it in their marketing materials and email signatures.

How does it damage your credibility?

  • Having a confused identity undermines your trustworthiness – especially if you rely on your online presence.
  • It also negatively impacts perceptions of your reliability, honesty and credibility.
  • If new customers aren’t clear on your business name, they may struggle to find you online.
  • The search engines might know you under your abbreviated name or confuse your business with another one.

Credibility Killer #2 – Do you offer packages or tailored solutions?

Frankly, this is one of my pet peeves and again, I see it all the time. As a business owner, you need to make a business decision … Do you want to offer packages or do you want to tailor your solutions to fit your customers’ needs? It’s one or the other – not both!

If you want to offer tailored solutions, you can’t include packages on your website. And vice versa.

How does it damage your credibility?

  • If you offer packages, no-one will believe your claims that you design tailored solutions to fit their needs.
  • Equally, if you want to be known for offering tailored solutions, no-one will believe you if you also offer packages.
  • If your business relies on receiving online enquiries or sales, you need to build trust by being crystal clear on what you offer. Only then will you attract your ideal customers.

Credibility Killer #3 – Being anonymous

Being anonymous means failing to humanise your business. It comes in many forms which includes failing to provide information on the key people in the business (such as the business owner or senior management). It also includes failing to have photos or videos of the team or people in key roles.

To build credibility in a digital world, you need to show you are a real person – no matter how confronting it may feel.

How does it damage your credibility?

  • Lack of information about the business sparks questions about whether it is a legitimate business.
  • Social media has created an expectation that we’ll see photos or videos of people who work in the business so we can feel like we know and like them before we make contact.
  • Anonymity raises suspicions about what you are trying to hide.

Helping you get it right

In my opinion, great copywriting should be more than well constructed sentences and good grammar. It needs to boost the credibility of your business and explain why you are the best choice for your target market. That’s why our copywriters are marketing professionals who specialise in copywriting.

If you would like a FREE audit of your website to check if it has any credibility killers, please email me with the words, CHECK MY CREDIBILITY PLEASE. Or get in touch to discuss how we can add Words that Sell to your marketing content.

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