Words that Sell … Clever slogan or our promise to you?

We began working with Gutter Vac Upper North Shore and Northern Beaches in early April – right when the COVID pandemic started to hurt Aussie businesses. But the owner, Brett Hannah, was determined to grow his business regardless of the economic situation.

His goal was to be on page 1 when his target market searched for gutter cleaning services so he asked us to help him write posts for Google and SEO purposes. It only took 3 posts to get him to page 1.

It’s an amazing achievement and we’re so excited for him. But how did he do it?

Step 1:  Brett had a clear marketing goal – to be on page 1.

Step 2:  He investigated which key words he needed to use and shared them with us so we could embed them into the content.

Step 3:  Brett wanted his posts to be informative and educational – after all, who gives much thought about their gutters? But we all should.

Step 4:  Brett posted regularly and consistently to ensure he is seen whenever his target market is thinking about their gutters.

What does Brett’s story teach us?

Sure we are in tough times at the moment. But with a plan and some well written content, your business can continue to succeed – just like Brett’s business. His campaign is generating good quality enquiries that are converting to sales and his business is growing.

If you would like Words that Sell, get in touch with Karen by calling 1300 780 642 or contact us here.

To learn more about why it’s important to regularly clean your gutters visit Gutter Vac Upper North Shore and Northern Beaches or call Brett Hannah for a quote on 1300 654 253. He provides a fabulous service with a customer-first attitude and we highly recommend him.

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