Image Captions

Image Captions are the words that appear under photos, images and charts. They work like magnets for our eyes! We simply can’t help ourselves when we see Image Captions. We just have to read them.

On Instagram, Image Captions encourage scrollers to pause so they spend more time on your posts.

Wherever you see them, Image Captions are the second most commonly read words in any blog, post, brochure, magazine or document. Only headlines beat them for attraction.

Image Captions also give images meaning. For example:

  • A photo of a magnificent beach will look even better if the Image Caption explains it’s only a short drive away.


  • The photo of a beautiful building may be nice, but if the Image Caption describes it as over 300 years old, your appreciation of that building might change.

What’s most important about Image Captions in marketing is how you can use them to deliver your key message. In a world where we scan rather than read, a great Image Caption can ensure your key messages are seen – even if the reader doesn’t pause to read the rest of your content.

That’s what makes Image Captions a marketer’s best friend and why we call them Words that Sell.

Looking for words that sell? Speak with Karen from Consider It Done Australia

Our writers are marketing professionals who specialise in copywriting. That means we can take your marketing ideas and turn them into Words that Sell.

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