Do you respect your readers’ time?

In a world where everyone is busy, I believe it’s really important to respect your readers’ time. If you use blogs as part of your marketing strategy, make sure they include information to enhance your readers’ lives in some way.

Here are 3 ways to show you respect your readers’ time.

1. Understand their problems or interests

When you’re looking for a topic to write on your blog, research one that will concern or interest your readers. I believe a good copywriter puts on their “consumer shoes” so they can walk in your customers’ world and add value to their lives.

2. Educate, inform and entertain

The main purpose of your blog should be to educate, inform or entertain your readers. If they do not read content worthy of their time, they may be reluctant to click on your blog next time.

To maintain opening rates and engagement, it’s vitally important to reward your readers for giving up some of their precious time to read your blog.

3. Understand the difference between a blog and a journal!

Have you ever read a blog that seemed to be saying the same thing over and over again? Or perhaps you’ve read blogs that are filled with comments about the problem without offering any solutions.

In my opinion, this style of blog is all about the writer and his/her love of words. It’s nice for them but it leaves me feeling I wasted a couple of minutes of my life! Rambling thoughts and commentary are for your personal journal – not a blog if your goal is to positively build your reputation or generate traffic to your website.

4. Time is valuable

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