How to drive 55% more traffic to your website

According to research published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics last year, only 48.6% of all Australian businesses have a web presence. The same report ...
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Reel in your readers with a killer opening paragraph

If your headline attracts your target market’s attention, you need to follow up with a killer first paragraph to keep them reading. Here are 3 ...
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Do you respect your readers’ time?

In a world where everyone is busy, I believe it’s really important to respect your readers’ time. If you use blogs as part of your ...
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3 Recipes for writing attention grabbing headlines

Some experts say the headline is the icing on the cake. But it’s not. The truth is the headline is the cake! Your headline is ...
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Your and You’re – the same or different?

“You’re” is the abbreviation of “you are” e.g. You’re a student. While, “your” is a word that shows ownership e.g. Is this your pen? To ...
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