3 Recipes for writing attention grabbing headlines

Some experts say the headline is the icing on the cake. But it’s not. The truth is the headline is the cake! Your headline is the key ingredient in determining whether your blog will be read or ignored. It needs to grab the reader’s attention to ensure your business stands out from the crowd.

Here are 3 headline recipes to get you started

1. Ask questions (My personal favourite)

Headlines that ask questions grab the reader’s attention because subconsciously we answer them with a Yes, No, or Maybe.

It’s okay to get a “No” response. It simply means the reader is not in your target market. It’s the “yes” and “maybe” answers that generate further reading.

Examples of strong headline question are:

  • Are you looking for….?
  • Did you know….?
  • How to….?

2. A special offer

Special offers can trigger urgency, which makes readers want to click now rather than later. A few examples of special offers include:

  • Buy one. Get one free!
  • Save 40% on dresses. Today only!
  • Buy today and save $200 on computers

3. Use numbers

Numbers immediately grab the reader’s attention and odd numbers are more likely to catch their eye. Here are a few examples where numbers are used in a headline:

  • 7 top tips to healthy skin
  • 5 quick tips to blogging success
  • 3 things every investor wants to know

Most of our clients enjoy higher blog opening rates than their industry average (according to MailChimp results).

If you would like help with writing your blogs, contact  the team at Consider It Done Australia to chat about how we may be able to help your business.

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