Reel in your readers with a killer opening paragraph

If your headline attracts your target market’s attention, you need to follow up with a killer first paragraph to keep them reading.

Here are 3 techniques to get you started.

1. Share a shocking fact or statistic

Relevant statistics and interesting facts entice readers to keep reading. When including statistics in your blog, ensure they are accurate, relevant and gasp-worthy (if possible).

2. Use empathy statements

When writing blogs for a specific target market, show your readers you understand their problem or situation.

I call it “wearing your customer shoes”. Research your target market thoroughly and think about their world. Then use the first paragraph to demonstrate you understand their perspective and utilise the balance of the blog to offer a solution to their problems.

3. Share a quote

Sharing a quote from a recognised authority or from a famous person can build credibility and hold your target market’s attention. A quote can also help introduce your topic to readers and establish the main point of your blog.

If your blogs or social media posts are not achieving the opening rates you expect, contact  the team at Consider It Done Australia. Most of our clients experience higher than average blog opening rates for their industries (according to MailChimp statistics).

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