5 Ways to use brochures to grow your business

Effective marketing activities embrace a range of tools. Usually, businesses focus on their online presence which includes things like their website, social media posts, email campaigns, customer newsletters or blogs etc. These are all great marketing tools but there is one that is often overlooked and that’s brochures.

Brochures won’t be right for everyone. But here are 5 reasons why they might be suitable for your business.

Reason #1: Brochures are memorable

Because brochures are seldom used these days, simply having one to give to potential customers will make your business standout from your competitors.

In addition, brochures are particularly useful if you do customer presentations because they can work as a summary of your presentation and a memory prompt for potential customers.

With people actively changing jobs at the moment, your brochure could also be the warm introduction your business needs when the replacement person comes on board.

If your customers are businesses, there will often be several people involved in the decision-making process. Use your brochure to communicate with all stakeholders – including those who weren’t present at the meeting.

Reason #2: Brochures are versatile

Brochures can be printed or a pdf file which can be emailed to online enquiries. They can also vary in length from a one-page flyer to a multi-paged booklet.

Whatever format and length you choose, make sure you invest in good graphic design for your brochure and don’t include too much content on each page. Regardless of length, all brochures need to look quick and easy to read.

Reason #3: Brochures keep your unique service inclusions hidden from your competitors

One of the best brochures I’ve ever seen was sent to me when I made an online enquiry to a new supplier. It was a great lesson on why you should never provide all your information on your website.

In this case, the supplier only sends a pdf brochure once website visitors ask for a quote. The quote request asks for some details about your requirements (such as your timeframe and location) as well as your contact details.

In other words, I had to demonstrate I was genuinely interested in their services.

Their pdf brochure included standard packages and pricing as well as information on additional options they clearly wanted to keep hidden from their competitors. That’s what made it really smart! The entire process is automated to ensure a quick response to all enquiries with minimum effort by the organisation.

As a potential customer, this supplier’s prompt response to my enquiry, their transparency about what they provide and the value-added extras they offered, ensured I chose them without looking around at other options.

Reason #4: Brochures help to keep enquiries warm

Brochures can be used to acknowledge an online enquiry and provide additional information while new customers are waiting for you to respond.

The research is clear, businesses who regularly stay in contact with customers make more sales and experience greater customer loyalty than those who let enquiries go cold through non-communication. That’s what makes brochures such a powerful tool for online enquiries.

Reason #5: Reduce your quoting time by providing pricing and inclusions in your brochure

This may not be possible in some industries, but where possible, answer customer enquiries with a brochure that includes your pricing or information on your packages. It could save you heaps of time and effort.

Remember, a brochure may not be sufficient to close the sale. But it could reduce your quoting workload.

So are brochures dead? Not if you’re clever!

Brochures are like any marketing tool. The key to success is being clear on what you want your brochure to achieve. But that’s something we can chat about over the phone.

To discuss whether a brochure could be an effective marketing tool for your business, get in touch here. And in case you are wondering, we won’t try to talk you into a brochure if we don’t sincerely believe it’s right for your business.

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