Today’s Words that Sell are Short Paragraphs

If you’re writing marketing content, short paragraphs are fantastic and super hard working. There’s lots of reasons why you should keep your paragraphs short. Here are 5 great reasons:

  1. Short paragraphs make it very easy to scan content to find the information you want – fast!
  2. Short paragraphs create lots of white space on a brochure or screen – making the content look quick and easy to read.
  3. Short paragraphs appeal to our increasingly short attention spans. Now goldfish have longer attention spans than humans (but perhaps that’s an urban myth).
  4. Short paragraphs give content a sense of speed and urgency as we rapidly power through the information.
  5. With our phones being used as our primary source of information, their small screen size turns average length paragraphs into laboriously long reads. So the shorter the paragraph, the more manageable it will look on a small screen.


Looking for words that sell? Speak with Karen from Consider It Done Australia.

Our writers are marketing professionals who specialise in copywriting. That means we can take your marketing ideas and turn them into Words that Sell.

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