Today’s Words that Sell are SAFETY!

Big or important purchasing decisions feel risky to potential customers. Depending on your industry, there are many different ways to make your business a safe choice. These include:

  • Have you been around for a while? This gives people confidence your business is financially secure.
  • Are your people specially trained or licensed? Even if everyone in your industry is required to be licensed, don’t assume potential customers know this. Saying it when few others do, will make you stand out in a positive way.
  • Are you insured? This can be particularly important in some industries or for some potential customers, e.g. trades wanting to gain strata contracts.
  • Do you belong to any industry organisations who need you to comply to continuous training requirements or code of conduct standards? These things make your business a safe choice.
  • Hygiene standards will always be important for food, hospitality and medical or allied health businesses. But since COVID, there are some potential customers who feel vulnerable or care for vulnerable people. In all of these instances, mentioning your hygiene standards or COVID safe protocols can identify you as a safe choice.

As you can see, SAFETY can mean different things in different industries. So what can you say about your business to reduce risk and ensure you are the standout choice for new customers?


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