The magical 3 letter word

Imagine your marketing became more effective because you learned the power of a magical word – you.

Who is the main focus of that first sentence?

You are.

If you replace the word “you” with an “I”, you take away the personal touch and effectiveness of that sentence. For your marketing materials, it’s important to purposefully aim the words at the needs and wants of your readers. Otherwise what’s the point?

You will only benefit when readers benefit first!


In a customer’s private world, they only want to know how they will benefit. It’s a harsh reality, but people initially think “what’s in it for me?” (WIIFM). It’s important your customers understand how your product/service can help them with their wants or needs. By stepping into your customer’s shoes, it’s easy to see their perspective and why “you” is necessary.

Less about me, more about you

If your copy is focused on promoting your business rather than how your product/service will benefit the reader, they are unlikely to continue reading.

However, placing “you” more often in the copy means you talk less about yourself which shifts the focus of the content towards the reader. So maximise “you” and minimise “I”.

If you must use “I”…

No one cares who you are until they know how you can help them. Once you have convinced the reader of the benefits of choosing your product/service, you can begin talking about yourself.

Tip: Every time you finish writing your marketing materials, ask yourself 1 question. “Who’s the focus?” If it’s your reader, well done. If not, adjust accordingly.

When you harness the power of “you”, your marketing effectiveness gets an upgrade.

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