Having trouble recruiting great staff? Check your marketing

People want to feel proud about where they work and, just like potential customers, they want to feel confident a business will be around for years to come. At a time when it’s difficult to find great staff, investing in your marketing is going to do 2 things really well:

  1. Grow your business
  2. Attract great people

Here are 3 areas of your marketing you need to invest in to help you attract great staff

1. Your website

What’s the first thing potential recruits and customers do when they hear about your business? They Google it! So how long has it been since you looked at your website?

To attract great people, you need a modern, well designed website that accurately reflects your business. Remember, just like potential new customers, potential recruits want to know if your business will be a great fit for them. That means your website is the first place they’ll look and if it doesn’t impress, they won’t apply.

From my own experience, I know the power of updating your website. In my case, my business had evolved and matured but my first website didn’t reflect that. As soon as I replaced it, I saw a massive improvement in the calibre of candidates applying to join my team. Now I check my website and update it as required, before I begin looking for new team members.

2. Showcase examples of your work

One of the burning questions any new employee will have is “Will I like the work”. So if you can, show them examples of your work on your website and your social media platforms.

These examples might be photos, case studies or short posts. The key is, if you show people what you do, it will help you attract candidates that like doing the same type of work.

3. Highlight your workplace fun

One of the unspoken questions all candidates have is “Will it be nice to work here”. This is where your social media posts can shine.

Whenever you have staff events – like team building activities, birthday cakes, social events or celebrating a team member’s success – share it on your social media platforms. These things give potential employees a glimpse into what it’s like to work in your organisation.

What you say and how you behave are important

In real life, what we say and how we behave influence the way people perceive us. It’s the same with our business. Our website, blogs and social media posts all give potential customers and potential employees, insights into our organisation.

If you find you are attracting the “wrong” type of customer or employee, it could mean your marketing isn’t presenting your business in the best light.

At Consider It Done Australia, we only focus on Writing Words that Sell – nothing else. But we make sure those words truly reflect your organisation, which in turn, helps you attract your ideal customers and potentially great employees.

If you are struggling to find good people, take a careful look at your website and your social media platforms. If they don’t accurately portray your business, get in touch with us to chat about what your content is missing.

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