Bullet Points

Some words are a powerhouse of persuasion.
That’s why we call them “Words that Sell”.

Today’s Words that Sell are Bullet Points

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4 Communication tips to keep your business growing during the COVID wows

More than ever, you need to be talking to your customers. But what do you tell them during COVID-19? Learn my top 4 tips here.

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Testimonials – Does your website need them?

As a website content writer, clients often ask if they should include testimonials on their website. Ultimately, this is a business decision only they can …

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Media releases – a powerful marketing tool to grow your business

Media releases (also known as press releases) can be powerful tools in your marketing mix because they act as a third party endorsement of your …

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How to manage Tender Terror

Tenders are stressful for everyone involved but their popularity is increasing. Tenders allow businesses to source new suppliers and provide transparency for government departments. So …

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5 Dos & Don’ts to make your content timeless

Whether it’s a blog, your website content or a social media post, investing in content creation is a big commitment. It takes time, energy and …

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