A real life example of how a client develops blog topic ideas

In 2016, Annette Dixon from End2End Business Solutions asked us to write her blogs. We’ve been writing them ever since. There are 2 great things about the way Annette approaches choosing blog topics that may help you.

1. Annette has very clear goals on what she wanted her blogs to achieve

As an outsourced HR consulting business, the End2End team work with business owners who have staff but don’t have a dedicated HR person.

Typically, Annette’s clients have little knowledge of their compliance responsibilities when they employ people. So the purpose of each blog is to inform, educate and alert business owners about these responsibilities.

As a result, Annette’s blogs portray her as a knowledgeable expert who specialises in helping small and medium sized business owners.

2. Annette uses seasonal and “hot topics” items as inspiration for her blog content ideas

In HR, there are seasonal topics (such as business Christmas parties) that need to be covered each year. There are also regular and ad hoc HR legislation changes that need to be shared. In addition, Annette uses the concerns of her clients as inspiration for blog topics. For example, issues around staff productivity, handling pay rises and the confusion around the differences between casual and permanent employment.

Have blogs grown Annette’s business?

The answer from Annette is “Yes! Definitely!”. We know that a few clients follow Annette’s blogs for a while before approaching her for help. To learn more about End2End Business Solutions, visit their website or read their blogs here.

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