4 Simple steps to generate great blog topic ideas

Most business owners know there are great benefits in posting regular blogs. Trouble is, coming up with topic ideas can feel overwhelming. Where do you start?

So to help you, I’m sharing the process I follow when chatting with my clients. The secret is, while it may feel like a normal conversation, I’m actually following a simple 4 step process. Here it is:

Step 1:  What do you want the blog to do?

Posting blogs on social media and using them to boost your search engine rankings are obvious reasons to blog. But the purpose behind asking this question is more about uncovering what you’d like the content to reveal about you. For example:

  • Some of my technical clients (e.g. IT, web developers or solicitors) want to sound like they can explain things in simple terms
  • Other clients want to alert their target market about issues of concern (e.g. accountants or bookkeepers)

Once you know what you want your blog to do, the following steps are easy. Promise!

Step 2:  Are there any seasonal things we should be talking about?

The answer to this question depends on your industry. For example, Valentine’s Day is big for restaurants, jewellery retailers or wholesalers, florists etc. So in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, they might want to do a blog on something like Valentine’s Day disasters or foolproof tips for a romantic Valentine’s Day.

Spring, summer, winter, autumn, Christmas, Easter, school holidays – these are all seasonal things that may be relevant to your industry.

Step 3:  Are there any “hot topic” items or issues affecting your industry at the moment that may interest your ideal customers?

Anything COVID related is an obvious “hot topic” for most industries at the moment. Interestingly, while we may be saying “We’re over COVID”, we’re still really interested in every aspect of the pandemic.

But periodically, there will be topics that are an issue for your industry so be alert to what they could be because your ideal customer might be very interested to learn more about them.

Step 4:  Are there any common questions new customers ask you when you first speak to them?

I’ll leave this question for you to ponder but think about the things you regularly tell new customers. They could be your first few blog topics.

So what are my most frequently asked questions when it comes to blogs?

One of the questions I’m frequently asked by new blog clients is “How do you know what to write about my business?” My answer is always the same, we have a chat.

That first meeting is all about:

  • Getting to know your business
  • Letting you get a sense of whether I understand what you need
  • Working out if I’m the right copywriter for you
  • The type of customer you’re looking for
  • And discussing potential blog topics

Then we work out the details of how I get source material so I can write a factual blog that accurately reflects your business and attracts your ideal customers.

Another question I’m asked … How do I charge?

Here’s the answer, I have set prices based on the length of each blog. These prices are fixed for 12 months so you have budget certainty.

If you’d like to write your own blog content, please follow my process. I’m confident it will help you come up with some blog content ideas.

If you’d like someone to write blogs for you, get in touch here. At Consider It Done Australia, we write words that sell to help small business grow.

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